Meet the Founder

"I struggled with loving myself and my body for a long time, and I often equated fashion as a way of covering my body. I've now learned that the right clothes don't hide you, they set the tone for your day and give you freedom. I mean, who doesn't love feeling like a badass with your hands in your pockets?"


Grace started her entrepreneurial journey by catching and selling spiders in primary school. She then spent 6 years in AdLand studying consumer trends and insights. She left her job to start Lunchmoney because while she was increasingly frustrated with the lack of gender equality in life and in fashion, she decided it would be much more fun creating dresses with pockets instead of pouting. 

Throughout her life, she yoyo-ed between 46kg to 75kg and often battled learning to love herself. The struggle with her weight has led to her design ethos that there is more than one way to define what is sexy and feminine. 

Lunchmoney was birthed out of the joy of clothing women in dresses that flatter their unique bodies, while giving them the freedom to move. 

Grace devoted time to learn how to draft patterns, source fabrics and sew from scratch. She is on a journey, and she is delighted to have you with her as we all learn and grow.