Founded in April 2019, Lunchmoney creates dresses with pockets
because we believe that fashion and function should be happily married.
We're all about elevated basics with deep-ass pockets. 


No pockets = inequality

The lack of pockets in women's fashion is an inherently sexist thing. "Men have pockets to keep things in, women for decoration" --Christian Dior, 1954. We're not about that. 

Centuries ago, men and women both carried little pouches, and in the 17th century, men got their pockets, while women's fashion moved into slimmer and slimmer silhouettes that didn't allow for "ugly" pocket bulges. 

The fashion industry continues to promote sexy as tight, short, see-through, all of these attributes make pockets impossible for women. And honestly, we're sick of our of sexuality and femininity being defined in such a narrow way. 


Pockets-first, always

Our design philosophy is simple, we start with the pockets. We ensure that every item we design is pocket-centric. 

We source for only the best fabrics that are breathable in our forever summer climate, but these fabrics have to be strong enough to hold your phone without affecting the silhouette of your dress. 

We painstakingly go through rounds of prototyping to find the best silhouettes that balance femininity and pocket functionality. And where we can, we throw in something a little slutty for ourselves hehe. 


Freedom of choice

Now we're not saying that every single outfit needs to have pockets. We also love the occasional tight dress for that fancy dinner, or the hot shorts at a picnic. However, there is something deeply liberating about leaving the house without having to carry a bag, and knowing that all your belongings are close by (in your pockets). 

We're here to celebrate your freedom to choose what you define as sexy, as feminine, as free. We're here to celebrate the complex beauty in womanhood, the diverse body types, the different cultures, and even you with your undefined subculture. We're here to celebrate alternative definitions of womanhood. You do you, girl. We've got you.